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ACT's system includes state-of-the-art collection software for ad valorum property taxes, special inventories, and permits, plus an integrated financial accounting package, online payment by credit card or eCheck, and interactive voice response...More

Company standards

We are committed to a policy of continuous improvement of its products and services related to the collection of both current and delinquent ad valorem taxes... More

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ACT is a leader in developing, installing, and supporting user-friendly tax collection systems that meet processing needs while providing an ease and economy of adaptability with future technology... More


ACT hosts regular webinars that cover topics of interest to our users. These may concern legislative changes or tasks related to upcoming tax calendar deadlines.
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We are dedicated to maintaining a high level of support for our clients. Online context-sensitive help, annual user meetings/client visits, and weekly release notes reflect our commitment to customer service. We can be contacted by toll-free phone, e-mail, fax, or our proprietary change request system... More

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SAS70 and NIACAP Compliant

Business Continuance and Disaster Recovery Plan

Application Service Provider (ASP) Model

Oracle Database Management System

User Level Security System

Customizable System Configuration

eCommerce sites for Credit Cards/eChecks

Check and Coupon Imaging

Biennial User Meetings