Special Inventory Tax / Licensing and Permits Modules

TaxLedge is ACT's own financial ledger system for tax offices.  It links directly to the Tax Collection System and provides for managing disbursements to jurisdictions, taxpayer refunds, check writing, and bank reconciliation. An extensive reporting system is included

Special Inventory Tax

ACT's “Special Inventory Tax” (SIT) module is designed to handle special inventory escrow liability, such as those paid by auto dealerships  Funds collected in this system are held in escrow during the current tax year and transferred to the Tax Collection System and TaxLedge at the end of each year.  Various reports and letters are available as well.

Products and Reports

Balance Due Letters

Daily Deposit Batch Report

Daily Payment by Deposit Report

Daily Reversals by Deposit Report

Deposit Status Report

Deilinquent Monthly Payment Notices

Late Penalty Notices

Monthly Report

Disbursements - various processes and reports

Licensing and Permits

ACT's “Licensing and Permits” module is being used by Galveston County as a pilot project. All beer, liquor & wine permits are being issued, renewed or reissued with this module. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) has accepted the receipts issued by the ACT system to replace the State issued receipts currently required to be on public display at the establishment. Standard accounting and reconciliation procedures are being used to support disbursement of funds to the county and state, or back to the applicant should state approval be denied.
Other types of permits and fees can be cashiered through ACT's Licensing and Permits module. Contact ACT for more information.

Products and Reports

Deposit Proof List

Deposit Status Report

Receipts (Online and Batch)

Statements (Current and Delinquent)

Unpaid Permits Report

Undisbursed County Funds