Why choose ACT

Leader in Tax Collection Business

For more than 18 years, ACT has demonstrated its expertise in developing, installing, and supporting user-friendly tax collection systems that meet processing system needs and adapt easily to future technology. We are widely known as the company that offers a tax collection system with fully integrated system components that serve the complete needs of the tax office. Our ACT 7.0 product spans the entire spectrum of tax office processing needs. We supply cutting edge current tax collection systems to clients such as Harris County, Dallas County, Bexar County, the City of El Paso, Brazoria County, Fort Bend County, Nueces County, McLennan County, and Jefferson County.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Model

ACT is a viable data processing alternative for tax offices that require superior tax office computerization and more efficient collections without incurring a large investment. ACT provides access to a total tax office collection system with superior tax collection software, a comprehensive audit package, and extensive reporting capabilities. All this can be accomplished without the enormous investment in hardware and software normally associated with a complete tax office solution. ACT provides its services utilizing the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. As part of this design, large, highly sophisticated servers are located at strategic locations throughout the state. The local tax office is connected to these servers via a dedicated communications channel. This model allows ACT to provide a robust, fault-tolerant and professionally managed system to our clients and removes the responsibility for backups, restores, and application and operating system software patching from tax office personnel. No other tax collection software provider can offer such a sophisticated yet affordable combination of collection tools, hardware, and tax expertise.

Oracle Database Management System

The ACT software system in its current release utilizes the Oracle database management system. Use of this technology ensures that our clients have access to high quality, state of the art functionality in their tax office. This software enables the ACT system to utilize graphical user interface (GUI) forms that are highly intuitive. This speeds up your implementation period by greatly reducing training time. The system also supports Oracle Discoverer’s user assisted report generator. This product allows users to generate specialized reports without need for a programmer.

Business Continuance and Disaster Recovery Plan

ACT has a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place for each production instance.
Each ACT production instance has an established business continuity plan. This plan is intended to communicate, in detail, how ACT will respond to various types of failures and disasters in order to minimize downtime and ensure that our clients are able to continue business-critical processing.

The plan also establishes timeframes that ACT must meet when resolving the situation, i.e., failing over to the standby database, replacing hardware that has failed, etc. in order to allow our clients to continue transaction processing. The plan covers all aspects of the ACT disaster recovery solution, including natural disasters or failures involving the database, hardware or application.

Customizable System Configuration

ACT has developed a system of user privileges that controls what users can do with database information. Tax offices are able to manage their own security needs. Authorized users who have access to a set of user security screens can set the level of privilege that each tax office employee can have). For ease of use, ACT has grouped access to certain tables and objects into “jobs,” “tasks” and “entitlements”; for example, the “Cashier” job has access to the tasks and entitlements necessary to take payments across the counter. Authorized employees can add new users by using these same screens..

The ACT system is configurable by a set of over 600 “client preferences,” which allow tax offices to customize the program to suit their particular needs. New client preferences can be created whenever an enhancement is requested that affects pre-existing capabilities.

Superior Customer Service

ACT is committed to a policy of continuous improvement of our Tax Collection product and all Information Services related to the collection of both current and delinquent ad valorem taxes.  We strive to honor our commitment to meet and even surpass the needs and expectations of our clients.