ACT-hosted web sites/Internet payments

ACT hosts a web site for each of its clients that allows tax office information to be viewed over the Internet and includes the option of a fully integrated credit card payment module

The core component of ACT's interactive web module allows taxpayers to view their current tax data online from their home computers.  By entering a full or partial owner’s name, address, or account number, taxpayers can quickly ascertain their current tax levy, current and prior year tax balances, and the amount of the most recent payment.  Taxpayers can also view a breakdown of what they owe to each jurisdiction and the values of their exemptions.

Online Payments
Taxpayers may pay their tax bill from the tax office’s web site using their Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or e-check.  ACT does not accept or store credit card information in its own database, but works with several highly regarded companies to process payment information in a highly secure environment.  Real-time notification is given to the taxpayer and the information is inserted into the ACT database.  These payments are then posted as desired by the tax office via a lockbox process, forming a closed loop system.

Statement & Receipt Requests
Taxpayers may print current statements from the web sites; however, bar codes and scan lines are omitted. Alternatively, statements or duplicate payment receipts on the tax office’s web site. 


Individual users or companies can create a “portfolio” if they want to group multiple tax accounts together for easier review and payment.  After logging in to a portfolio, they can add or delete accounts. There is no limit to the number of accounts that can be added to a portfolio.  Selected accounts and their current year or total amount due can be locked (or saved) and payment submitted; this is particularly useful for fiduciary companies or for tax offices with large numbers of accounts per payment.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Using ACT’s “Interactive Voice Response” (IVR) system, taxpayers may use their touch-tone telephone to determine their current tax liability without involving human operators.  This system is connected to the ACT database, which enables accurate, up-to-date information to be given to the taxpayer.  Responses recorded on the IVR system can be given in both English and Spanish.  Taxpayers have the option of talking to a tax office representative if they have additional questions.