Our Products

ACT's Tax Collection System (TCS) is used to assist Texas property tax assessors/collectors to achieve complete property tax system functionality, including records maintenance, billing, collections, disbursing and reporting. The application conforms to the Texas Property Tax Code as adopted by the state legislature. Our property appraisal interface provides automated loading and balancing of certified and supplemental assessment rolls from more than seven software vendors. Our mortgage company/lockbox/internal remittance processor provides the capability to bill and collect with highly automated and efficient techniques. Check and coupon images are integrated into the system and can be retrieved easily.
The ACT system is designed to be highly flexible. The code base is configurable by a set of client preferences, which range from the individual tax collectors name and address to the disbursement rules of a jurisdictional bank. The base design of the code permits multiple types of receivables, each of which can be managed independently to allow for different collection rules, penalty and interest calculations, and reporting.
ACT's Internet component allows tax office information to be viewed over the Internet on web sites hosted by ACT and includes the option of a fully integrated credit card payment module with real-time notification.
Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) module can answer your telephone and provide information to taxpayers. Both English and Spanish are supported.
The TaxLedge module offers fully automated, integrated support for tax office disbursements, refund processing, and bank reconciliation. TaxLedge receives information on collections through an integrated set of balanced reports and disburses the monies according to distribution rules set up by each tax office for each individual type of monies collected.
Our Special Inventory Tax (SIT) module supplies processing capability for collecting and disbursing special inventory accounts and hotel occupancy taxes. This module is integrated with the Tax Collection System and TaxLedge modules.
Our Licensing and Permits module currently is being used as a pilot project with TABC, the agency that tracks permits for alcoholic beverages in the state of Texas. Permits can be issued, renewed or reissued either manually or by batch process. Payments can be accepted for any permit. A comprehensive receipt and reporting system is available.
Our Truth-in-Taxation software assists taxing units in calculating Effective and Rollback tax rates and has been used by hundreds of counties, cities, school districts, and appraisal districts throughout Texas. There is no need to figure out complicated forms. Just enter the required data and TNT will do all calculations and complete all of the forms, schedules, and notices for you. To learn more about this software, please visit our website at texasetr.com.