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Due to the upcoming consolidation of LA MARQUE ISD with TEXAS CITY ISD, we will not be able to accept payments for LA MARQUE ISD after June 30th.

If you plan to pay your property taxes after that date, the LA MARQUE ISD portion due must be remitted to TEXAS CITY ISD tax office in order to ensure proper credit. Please contact the TEXAS CITY ISD tax office at 409-916-0153 for the LMISD balance and the GALVESTON county tax office at 409-766-2481 (or toll free 1-877-766-2284) for the balance on other entities after June 30th. Thank You!

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A convenience fee of 2.5% or a minimum fee of $2.00 for credit card payments will appear as a separate transaction on your credit card bill. The fee will appear as a charge to 'JPMC'. The fee for all eCheck payments is $1.00.

You can search for any account whose property taxes are collected by the Galveston County Tax Office. After locating the account, you can pay online by credit card or eCheck. After locating the account, you can also register to receive certified statements by e-mail. Please follow the instructions below.


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Mary Smith (owner)

smith mary (then click Owner Name)

[leave blank]

Cross Reference ID 8560020030040906

8560020030040906 (then click Cross Reference ID)

[leave blank]

Account No.

R212884 (then click Account No.)

[leave blank]

8907 Park St (property location)

8907 park (then click Property Address)

[leave blank]

all accounts with statements requested by fiduciary number 2066 (Washington Mutual)

2066 (then click Fiduciary No.)

[leave blank]

all owners with a last name of Smith who live on Jackson Rd.

Smith (then click Owner Name)

Jackson (then click Property Address)

all accounts with statements requested by fiduciary no. 2066 that are located in the Galveston County tax district

2066 (then click Fiduciary No.)

907 (then click Account No.)

722 Moody
Galveston, TX 77550
(409) 766-2481
(877) 766-2284
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