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Property Tax Balance

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Unless otherwise noted, all data refers to tax information for 2023. All amounts due include penalty, interest, and attorney fees when applicable.

Account Number:  0067200000300

HOUSTON, TX 77041-2422

Property Site Address:

Legal Description:
S672000 - LAKE RENEE, LOT 3, 4, 8-B, 8-C

Current Tax Levy:  $16,115.25

Current Amount Due:  $18,532.53

Prior Year Amount Due: $0.00

Total Amount Due: $18,532.53

Last Payment Amount for Current Year Taxes: 
Not Received

Last Payer for Current Year Taxes: 
Not Received

Last Payment Date for Current Year Taxes: 
Not Received

Active Lawsuits:   None

Pending Credit Card or eCheck Payments:
No Payment Pending

Gross Value:  $991,220

Land Value:  $611,030

Improvement Value:   $380,190

Capped Value: $0

Agricultural Value:   $0

Exemptions: None

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