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Find Your Property Tax Balance

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The Pay Online option is available after searching for your account.

1.  Shopping Cart: For your convenience you may pay several accounts at once.
     Click the 'Add to Shopping Cart' button to add this account to the shopping cart.
     Additional accounts can be added by clicking 'Begin a New Search' or 'Find Another Account'.
     After locating another account, click 'Add to Shopping Cart'.
     Up to 50 accounts may be paid at one time.
     Accounts are not saved in the shopping cart after you begin entering payment information.

2.  Scheduling Payments: If you are paying by E-check, you may choose to pay now or in the future.
     You may schedule one payment in the future or recurring payments.
     To do this, select Schedule E-Check Payment after adding account(s) to the shopping cart.
     Click Schedule Payments when you reach Step 3 (When to Pay).

3.  A Convenience Fee of 1.98% of the amount paid will be added to your total due at checkout if using a credit/debit card.

4.  No convenience fee will be added if paying via E-check. A return item fee of $30 will apply to any returned check.

5.  You can search for any account whose property taxes are collected by the El Paso Tax Office.

6.   After locating the account, you can also register to receive certified statements by email.

Please follow the instructions below.


Enter a geo number, owner's name (last name first), address, Prop. Id. No., or fiduciary number, then select a Type of Search option.

Search For This:    
Type of Search:    


This step is optional. To further refine your search, enter a second search criteria in the box below, then select a Type of Search option.

Search For This:    
Type of Search:    


Click the Search button.

Search Examples
To Search For:
Enter the Following:
In Step 1
In Step 2

Mary Smith (owner)

smith mary (then click Owner Name)

[leave blank]

Geo number 8560020030040906

8560020030040906 (then click Geo No.)

[leave blank]

Prop. Id. No.

R212884 (then click Prop. Id. No.)

[leave blank]

8907 Park St (property location)

8907 park (then click Property Address)

[leave blank]

all accounts with statements requested by fiduciary number 2066 (Washington Mutual)

2066 (then click Fiduciary No.)

[leave blank]

all owners with a last name of Smith who live on Jackson Rd.

Smith (then click Owner Name)

Jackson (then click Property Address)

all accounts with statements requested by fiduciary no. 2066 that are located in the El Paso tax district

2066 (then click Fiduciary No.)

907 (then click Geo No.)

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